Copernico Radio and Optical Skywatching System


As a result of repeated and documented sights of anomalous lights by the staff of the Astronomical Observatory N. Copernico in Saludecio (RN), not leaded to null of known, from January 1997 a systematic monitoring in the optical and photographic field has begun. Such luminous phenomenon has been noticed on the vertical line of our observatory and on the coast of Romagna and Marche more times.

The phenomenon of the lights in Adriatic is not historically datable, but many testimonies of the past exist, that induce to us to enclose all the events in one typological classification not too much extended; substantially constituted by apparitions of " lights " of varied shapes, brightness and duration. These events have fed always one sure casuistry, ufological too, without however succeeding to reduce the phenomenon under a unique denominator.

CROSS PROJECT, (Copernico Radio and Optical Skywatching System), is the research program that resolves to catalogue and study the phenomenon. The target is to document and study from a physical point of view the anomalous lights that introduce numerous analogies with great part of the casuistry documented in Norway and in other parts of the world.
The plan elaborated into the Observatory, supported by the technical collaboration of the Astrophysical Teodorani Massimo and Ing. Stelio Montebugnoli of the Dep. of RadioAstronomy of the CNR based in Medicina (BO), was born as a result of several contacts during which it has been put to comparison our luminous phenomenon with that most famous one of the lights of Hessdalen, inquired and studied by them during missions EMBLA 2000,2001 and 2002.

The photographic material and video collected during the sessions of monitoring carried out from 2000 to 2002 constitute the physical evidence of the apparitions of the anomalous lights in Adriatic sea, and it's protected from Copyright.

The sky in the North-East, view from our place of observation. In the summer the red light apparitions generally occur around the constellation of Perseus while in winter such an astral position is occupied from the constellation of Ursa Major and the Leo Minor

The responsibles of the plan, Gian Franco Lollino and Fabiana Fiatti, during the numerous sessions of monitoring carried from 2000 to 2002, have found two good places for the observation of the lights: the cape of Gabicce (PU) and the bay of Portonovo of Ancona. Places that in both cases point out on the sea with essential characteristics of darkness and altitude for a better observation.

Geocentric Coordinates of the Place
Lat N 43°57'46"-Long E 012°46'52"
Headland of the Gabicce Mount (PU) in a Natural Park of the San Bartolo Mount. The point indicates the place used since 2001 till now by the Cross Project astronomers. The place is situated to 129m slm with the peak over the port of Vallugola.

Geocentric Coordinates of the Place
Lat N 43°33'55-Long E 013°34'33"
Bay of Portonovo (AN), on the background: the headland of Conero. The red point indicates the square situated close to a provincial road of Conero, to 135m slm. From this place there were observed the same types of lights seen at Gabicce Mount.